School Rush went live at St. Joseph Hill Academy, NY

It is very exciting every time a school goes live! St. Joseph Hill Academy Elementary School is a private school located on a hill in Staten Island. It is an honor that they picked School Rush to engage their Parents! Our Partner Design Big Dreams introduced School Rush to SJHill back in Summer. Liz Cotter, the Communications Director was decisive and was the first to “get it”. She has been instrumental in executing the launch at the School. Everything from getting the data first time, to scheduling training to Teachers and coordinating the launch.

The Teachers at SJHill embraced School Rush App and its value from the get go. I was supposed to do remote training but the day before decided to jump on the plane and do the training physically in Staten Island. I love NY! Meeting the teachers was so much fun, New Yorkers are so much fun! No nonsense, honest about issues and they also had great suggestions for future enhancements as well. It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Sadowski, Assistant Principal and Mrs. Zissler. Both of them were very support of the School Rush App and trying new things.

The parents started getting on board November 15th. The parents are slowly but surely getting on to the App. I can’t wait for them to engage in their Child’s lives ever more with the help of School Rush App!