The latest SchoolRush App features several enhancements requested by Teachers and some bug fixes. Below is three major enhancements with the new version:

Google Drive and other Cloud drive integration. Staff can now post documents from Google drive or other Cloud drives directly in SchoolRush App messages and events.
SchoolRush Activity Feed now shows number of times a message has been viewed. This will is valuable feedback for Teachers on how Parents are using the App.
Added support for international characters in Activity Feed and Events calendar.

The update also has many minor enhancements and addresses some bugs:

The iOS App has a bug fix for pictures getting cropped in some iPad Air 2 devices.
The iOS App has a bug fix for images loading in wrong cells in Activity Feed during refresh.
iOS App now has a link to Notifications Settings in the Connect tab so Parents can easily change their notification preferences. We also have a bug fix addressing notifications not getting setup correctly during first login.
iOS App Activity Feed now supports users with Teacher & Parent profile.
Android App has some event enhancements: including showing class information in the listing, event location with GPS enabled link in event details popup.
Android App also has School District Admin role enhancements.
Android App has a bug fix related to document downloads and a bug fix for voice alert post.

To update the App please click on the icon for your device on your iPad/iPhone/Android device and select update.