School Rush organizes all communications between the school, teachers and parents in an intuitive mobile and cloud based App

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SchoolRush App among the most innovative School Community Communication tools | District Administration Magazine

Many districts keep parents informed with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media, but more sophisticated tools have emerged as technology has evolved.

Platforms and apps that provide parents direct communication and unfiltered access to grades, schedules, school news and emergency announcements offer better access than ever before. Text messages and push notifications regarding delays or emergencies for mobile devices, tablets and smartphones are now the norm, granting educators instant access to parents.

Streaming video and photo galleries provide opportunities for schools and families to better share experiences such as sporting events…

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Homework Assignments

Push homework assignments and other important events to Parent’s
smartphone calendar

Message Feed

Teachers can use the App to send pictures, documents and text messages

Daily Planner

SchoolRush app provides instant, personalized view of current and upcoming events for Parents and Teachers


Schools can use SchoolRush to send out voice, text, email and App alerts

Student & Staff Directory

Parents can access contact info for teachers and optionally other parents


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How do I sign up for my School for School Rush?

If you are a School, please submit a request using the contact form.

How do I get a username, password for School Rush?

If your school is signed with School Rush, you can retrieve your password by selecting the “Forget password?” link and submitting your email address.

Did you forget password?

You can retrieve your password by selecting the “Forget password?” link and submitting your email address.

How do I change my School Rush password?

After you successfully log into School Rush, you can click on your email address at the top right hand corner of the screen and there will be a link Reset password.

Do I need a smart phone to use School Rush?

If you do not have a smart phone, you can get access to all the information in the app using School Rush website. Please log into School Rush website to get access to this information.

Does School Rush support Windows phone and Blackberry?

Currently, School Rush does not have native apps for Windows and Blackberry phones. Users can use the mobile optimized website to get access to all the School Rush functionality on these device web browsers.

How can I receive push notifications in my App?

The first time School Rush! App is installed and launched, there should have been a prompt asking for notifications permissions. If you did not give permissions, you will not receive push notifications. In order to start receiving push notifications please follow below steps:

iPone or iPad – Go to your iPhone settings > Look for SchoolRush, there will be a long list > Select School Rush > Select Notifications, in the next screen, if any of the options are disabled, please enable all the options you see in this screen.

Android – Go to your Android device settings > Select Application manager > Select School Rush! > Make sure ‘Show notifications’ option is selection.

After enabling notifications, please log out of SchoolRush App and log back in. If you forgot your password, please go to to retrieve your password.

Pricing is Simple

If you’re a parent, the App is FREE and can be downloaded through Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

SchoolRush pricing is simple and affordable. Please contact us for Pricing.

About SchoolRush

Balu Kadiyala

CEO, Founder

With both parents working and children in school, I know how difficult it can be to stay connected with school activities and news. I wanted to find a way for schools and parents to communicate effectively. The result? SchoolRush. My name is Balu Kadiyala, and I am the developer of the SchoolRush App. This project began as a way to solve a personal problem, and now it can help you too.


SchoolRush Team

Andrew Binkowski

Andrew is a fellow at the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago where he researches high-performance computing for use in modeling complex systems. He is a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science where he teaches mobile application development. Andrew advises SchoolRush on platform architecture and iOS interface design.

Kate O’Brien

Kate O’Brien is the Principal for Holy Family Catholic Academy. HFCA is a two time winner of National Catholic School Innovations award. Kate spent most of her career at The Frances Xavier Warde School in Chicago, a premier Catholic elementary school serving students from preschool through 8th grade. Kate is at the fore front of bringing innovations in education and communication. She advises School Rush on product strategy.

Bob Gillespie

Bob has over 20 years experience in consulting, technology, leadership and operations. A serial entrepreneur, he believes the ability to build great teams is the most important factor of success. By hiring smart, passionate people and providing solid leadership in a culture of innovation and creativity, Bob believes they can create industry changing products and platforms. Bob is advising SchoolRush on financial structuring of the venture.


Yanina is the Android Designer, Developer behind School Rush App. She melds her creative and programming skills to create the School Rush experience on Android.

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